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PRESS RELEASE – 15th December 2017


Having Your Voice Finally Heard

By William Gorry

RISN stands for Residential Institutions Survivors Network. This new web service is part of my initiative to encourage residential institutions survivors to work together to give their own voice to matters that are important to us.

Survivors in Ireland, Northern Ireland and UK, will at last be able to have their voices heard in the beginning of the new year, 2018

On 17 November 2017, an agreement with the Department of Education was reached to hold consultation talks with survivors. These consultation talks are survivor led and will give RISN survivors the opportunity to have their voices heard, to reflect on their experiences of State services in response to the issue of institutional abuse provisioning, and to make any recommendations survivors wish to call for.

RISN has been doing a lot of work in the background regarding the setting up of these consultation talks. We have asked the department to publicly issue their press release by today. Their press release was sought to show their expression of interest in survivor-led services, and in order for them to show their good faith and intent to  ensure survivor voices are heard regarding our interests and concerns in service provisioning of our needs. The Department of Education did not provide a Press Statement which was specifically sought to declare their intent and to support this survivor-led initiative to conduct survivor consultation talks nationwide and in the UK. Sadly, the department failed to issue a Press Statement.

In order to give all survivors, who are interested in having their voices heard, an opportunity in attending a meeting, we would like you to contact us to show us just how many survivors are interested in establishing better services.

Please get in touch with us. It will allow us to petition for as many consultation talks as ought to be held in Ireland and the UK so that everyone’s voice is included.

If you would like more information about this, please contact me at +353 85 2574737 or email at

I look forward to hearing from all survivor out there.


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